About Painless Living

A warm, welcoming staff and the leading pain treatment expert in the country…we have a spot waiting just for you!

Our mission

At Painless Living Wellness Center, our mission is simple; we want to end your chronic pain.

We empower you with an active role in your treatment process. Effective pain treatment is a team effort. You are on that team. Dr. Cassaro, one of the top pain treatment experts in the country, will provide detailed and personalized treatment for your pain. You will also receive ongoing wellness support and information to keep you pain free for life.

Our offices

The Painless Living Wellness Center  is located in Southern Indiana in Jeffersonville. Just minutes from major expressways, interstates, and the scenic Indiana & Kentucky riverfronts; it is a welcoming and easy to access facility. We employ a caring and specialized staff and even have an on-site, state-of-the-art outpatient surgical center.

Painless Living was previously located in Louisville, KY but moved to Jeffersonville, allowing for more space and accessibility. Newly renovated and updated offices blend beautifully with the original historic charm of the location. Warm, inviting, and relaxed. Painless Living…the pain stops here.


Dr. Cassaro is an engineer who became a physician. Engineering minds are conditioned to discover problems, define the problems, and solve the problems. After getting a degree in engineering, Dr. Cassaro pursued a degree in medicine; he wanted to help people in pain.

While Dr. Cassaro was still in residency training, at the prestigious Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, he began to notice that people almost never have just one problem. He remembers conversations with his fellow residents about how problems seem to come as “package deals”. The components of the package were predictable. They were usually the same. He took note and began to look at the body as a whole. Dr. Cassaro began applying what he discovered and was amazed in the huge differences between the condition of his patients and other patients living in pain. Dr. Cassaro unlocked hidden sources of pain amplification in the body’s immune system, metabolism, and hormone system. As he continued his groundbreaking research, he also noticed specific associations between certain foods and chronic pain. He used these findings as the foundation; a way of looking into a patient’s body through advanced testing, physical examination, and sheer ambition to stop pain in it’s tracks.

Dr. Cassaro continues to discover new and innovative ways to treat chronic pain. His forward-thinking approach led him to greater successes with all patients- in the past, the present, and into the future.

Important: Your first visit

  • You will receive a thorough initial evaluation including review of previous test results and x-rays.
  • New patient visits are scheduled for 45 minutes in person with the physician.
  • Your appointment time will not be “double booked” with another patient.
  • A complete report will be prepared and sent to whomever you designate.
  • If it is determined that evaluation and treatment of your pain problem falls within the limitations of this practice, you will receive a plan for further evaluation and treatment.
  • Subsequent evaluations will be scheduled for 15 minutes in person with the physician.
  • Dr. Cassaro will be on time for all evaluations unless another patient has taken some of your time from you. In that case, your time will be extended into the next patient’s time.
  • Dr. Cassaro will fill out forms, write letters or prepare reports as requested. If additional testing is required, those tests will be ordered or discussed with you.

We look forward to your first appointment.

Wellness Center Highlights:
  • In-depth Patient Evaluation
  • On-site Surgical Center
  • Welcoming & Experienced Staff
  • On-site Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
  • Alternative & Complimentary Therapies
  • Comprehensive Nerve Testing