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Why Do I Have Low Back Pain?

Severe chronic low back pain keeps millions of people from working, playing or enjoying life. It is estimated that one in three people will suffer a bout of low back pain at some point in their adult life. One in five of those will go on to experience low back pain on a daily basis. Back pain is the second most common pain-related reason for clinician visits in the United States each year.
Chronic back pain can affect a person for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it is a combination of factors and often there are contributing factors that have nothing to do with the back itself.
Do you have chronic low back pain and all of your tests, scans, x-ray’s, etc. appear to be “normal?” At Painless Living, we look past the tests and focus on your body as a whole. We find that testing is more of a process of elimination rather than a definitive guide to finding the cause of your low back pain. Once found, we provide effective permanent treatment.

CommonBack Pain Causes:

Arthritis Bone spurs Spinal stenosis Metabolism
Nutritional deficiency Nerves Disk injury Ligament injury
Muscle spasm Alignment issues Scar tissue Referred pain

You Always Have Options

You do not have to live with chronic low back pain. There are lots of treatment options. Some people are under the unfortunate and incorrect assumption that they just have to live with chronic low back pain. This assumption usually arises from failed treatments. At Painless Living, Dr. Michael Cassaro will find all of the causes for your chronic low back pain and treat those causes at the source. Dr. Cassaro has over a quarter of a century of successful low back pain treatment.

Neurostimulation treatment for low back pain?

Dr. Cassaro is an expert surgeon for neurostimulator implants. Neurostimulation, also known as spinal cord stimulation (SCS), can relieve chronic neuropathic pain resulting from:

  • Nerve entrapment in lower back
  • Scar tissue and entrapped nerves
  • Chronic sciatica
  • Chronic/severe muscle spasms

If you have chronic low back pain, spinal stimulation can provide permanent relief. Make an appointment today; Dr. Cassaro will evaluate your chronic pain and talk with you to determine whether or not neurostimulation is the right course of treatment.

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