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Cluster Headaches

Trust your chronic headache pain to the headache specialist – Dr. Michael Cassaro.

What Are Cluster Headaches?

Cluster headaches is a name given to describe a particular type of headache and characterizes the location of the head pain as being predominantly on one side of the head. Some doctors and other specialists have agreed that the pain from these types of headaches can be unbearable; some even say it is worse than natural childbirth, fractured bones or third degree burns. Cluster headaches can last for as short as 15 minutes or for a week or longer, with varying degrees of pain throughout that time. Cluster headaches seem to come on quick, sometimes without any provocation. Other times, a person who suffers from cluster headaches know what causes their onset. Another characteristic of cluster headaches is a shooting or piercing and stabbing pain behind the eye. At times, the pain may even radiate down the neck and in to the shoulder. Other visible symptoms of cluster headaches may include a drooping eyelid on the affected side, a runny nose during the attack, watery eyes, blushing or change in color, swelling and profuse sweating.

What Causes Cluster Headaches?

Finding the cause of your cluster headache is not an exact science. Not all headaches are the same or caused by the same thing. Cluster headaches are no different. Some causes of cluster headaches are documented to be very common across the board:

    • Vascular – Some doctors think there is a vascular condition that causes the pain in cluster headaches. Basically, blood vessels dilate causing a lot of pressure on the trigeminal nerve (a nerve in the head that controls facial movement and certain motor functions). This causes the severe cluster headache pain. Unfortunately, this does not address “why” this happens. Again, unless you find the cause, treatments will be mostly ineffective. Dr. Cassaro has treated the cause of cluster headaches for over 25 years.
    • Hypothalamus – The hypothalamus is an organ in the brain that, among many other things, regulates the body’s biological clock; regulates day and night cycles, and regulates metabolism. The hypothalamus is sensitive and responsive to signals sent from the heart, the stomach, the digestive system, the reproductive system, blood makeup, insulin, hormones and many dozens of other stimuli. If anything in these systems are not working correctly, it affects everything else; including the hypothalamus, and in turn may lead to cluster headaches. As you can see, no “magic pill” could even begin to correct problems in these crucial systems in the body. In fact, sometimes it is the medications that are causing the problems and affecting the hypothalamus!

As you can see, finding the cause of a cluster headache can go far beyond the reach of a typical doctor. In order to find the cause, you must have a thorough physical examination, in-depth testing and a headache specialist that will understand when something is not the way as it should be. There is successful treatment for cluster headaches. Effective treatment begins with finding a cause. Your cluster headache may be caused by a minute hormone imbalance; another person may have cluster headaches that can be directly linked to a digestive disorder. Would the same “standard” treatment work in both cases? No. You are unique and so is your pain. At Painless Living, your treatment for cluster headaches will be designed around the underlying cause.

Taking The Next Step

If you are serious about getting permanent relief from your chronic headache pain, set up a consultation with Dr. Cassaro:

Dr. Cassaro is the top pain treatment expert in the country. If you have chronic pain, Painless Living can help. Dr. Cassaro will set up a consultation regarding neurostimulation and spinal cord stimulators (SCS). After a thorough review of your medical records and a thorough examination, it may be determined that you are a candidate for neurostimulation. Scheduling the procedure and recovery will be discussed and you will be on your way to living a pain-free life!

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