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Painless Living Headache Treatment

Dr. Michael Cassaro is an expert headache doctor. If you suffer from head pain, no matter what the cause, Painless Living can help. Dr. Cassaro knows the only way to help with your chronic head pain is by finding the cause and treating it at the source. There are many different reasons why people get headaches; sometimes it takes a lot of searching. More times than not, a person’s headache is caused by a number of different factors. If only part of the equation is solved, a person with headaches will continue to have headaches.

What’s In A Name?

Headaches are classified by different names; sometimes depending on the symptom or location of the headache and sometimes by the actual cause of the headache. Some people will suffer from multiple headache types all at once, forming a difficult to treat “hybrid” headache. These people usually can identify themselves with the majority of the symptoms of a particular headache type, but fail to receive effective treatment.

If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky – Jeffersonville, Indiana or Clarksville, Indiana area and you want effective, permanent treatment for your head pain, then make an appointment with Dr. Michael Cassaro. It is a quick and easy call, and you do not need a referral from your current doctor.

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Taking The Next Step

If you are serious about getting permanent relief from your chronic headache pain, set up a consultation with Dr. Cassaro:

Dr. Cassaro is the top pain treatment expert in the country. If you have chronic pain, Painless Living can help. Dr. Cassaro will set up a consultation regarding neurostimulation and spinal cord stimulators (SCS). After a thorough review of your medical records and a thorough examination, it may be determined that you are a candidate for neurostimulation. Scheduling the procedure and recovery will be discussed and you will be on your way to living a pain-free life!